To embrace these opportunities, we have created a powerful investment vehicle focused completely on the rapidly expanding digital infrastructure sector.

Currently, the fund covers these sectors:

EV technology and charging infrastructure: Funding emerging EV technology and commercial EV charging stations in the UK, US and continental Europe to enable the growth and adoption of EVs.

5G and next-generation networks: Digitisation is a major economic driver and requires a new generation of networks. Massive investments will be required to deploy 5G infrastructure and the emergence of the ‘Neutral Host Model.’

Fibre networks and Internet backbone: Continued rollout of fibre infrastructure in the UK, US and continental Europe.

Data centres and cloud computing: The exponential growth of cloud services, as well as billions of connected mobile devices and broadband subscriptions, will require a range of data centres from edge computing to hyper-scale computing.

Smart city infrastructure: Leveraging the development in smart technologies such as the Internet of Things, smart cities address the challenges of modern urbanisation.

Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things is made up of devices ranging from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables. When connected together they are certain to produce massive amounts of data that will require storage, processing and networking infrastructure.

The Axxeltrova Strategic Approach

Our approach is focused on adding value and minimising risk while maximising returns driven by the creation of intrinsic asset quality, not excessive financial leverage.

Axxeltrova’s aim is to invest in the well being of the world. Using ESG data alongside conventional financial factors, our specialist investment firm analyses multiple perspectives to identify the opportunities they believe can deliver long-term value.

Axxeltrova’s specialist technical and operational knowledge means we are able to focus on risk management and downside protection through careful contracting and operational management. The fund invests in single projects as well as operating companies.

Fund Parameters