Our Approach

Leading The Digital Revolution.

The Axxeltrova Fund owns, operates, and invests in the next generation of essential digital infrastructure in the UK, Europe and North America.

The Fund will be investing across the digital ecosystem in both passive and active components, offering exposure to firms which own the physical infrastructure assets. With a focus on greenfield and brownfield Digital Infrastructure projects, the Fund aims to primarily invest across five key verticals. These are Fibre Networks, Small Cell Networks and 5G rollout, Edge Computing and Data Centres, Smart Cities and IoT, and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

Our platform is strategically identifying differentiated investment opportunities within the digital economy and has access to global institutional capital yielding significant value for our limited partners and shareholders.


Investment Strategy & Approach

The investment strategy aims to generate long-term sustainable growth for our clients as well as positively impact societies. By investing in businesses that we believe aid the digital infrastructure evolution, the Fund can generate compelling capital appreciation potential.

Concession Infrastructure Projects: We also focus on projects underpinned by long-term government contracts. These projects may generate inflation-linked cash flows without high correlation to economic cycles. Value stems from the contract since there is limited risk associated with the residual asset value.

All our investments are proactively managed to ensure they reach their full potential and are built to be resilient and adaptive in this dynamic environment.


Investment Process

The investment process is designed to form a concentrated portfolio of companies that produce significant revenues from the digital infrastructure sector. The investment team performs fundamental analysis to develop well-rounded sector views, utilising the output of valuation models and fundamental research based on industry-specific metrics. Risk analysis is also undertaken and factored into investment decisions.

  • Target Returns

The Fund targets a return of 12% p.a. with the potential for capital growth over time.

  • Target Sectors

Data centres, Telecommunication Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, EV charging.

  • Target Geographies

Europe and North America.

The Asset Class

Due to ever-changing technologies and new lifestyle habits, data utilization by businesses and residential users is soaring. An increased amount of data is being constantly generated due to businesses relying heavily on data for performance analysis, process improvement and decision making. This requires the digital ecosystem to evolve, creating a multi-year growth opportunity across digital infrastructure. Consequently, this positions industries within digital infrastructure in the centre of digital transformation. An investment universe based on the whole digital value chain is created allowing the Fund to capitalise on this powerful trend.

Digital infrastructure assets present several attractive investment features which generate value growth including recurring long-term contracts with stable cashflows, low obsolescence risk and limited barriers to entry.

Why invest with us

Expertise/Deal flow

  • Experienced, nimble management team.
  • Axxeltrova has been at the forefront of technology financing since 2009 and we continue to expand our knowledge and experience as global markets are evolving, leveraging this expertise to deliver superior results to our clients.
  • Through our current activities, Axxeltrova has built relationships with world renowned global technology companies as well as regional players including service providers.
  • Axxeltrova will leverage these relationships for expert industry knowledge regarding potential investments as well as unique deal flow.
  • Our deep-rooted regional and sector expertise makes us a trusted partner in the markets in which we operate, helping to source deal flow and enhancing our ability to capitalise on prevailing market conditions. We target brownfield and greenfield assets in geographically mature markets, identifying areas for significant value creation.


Diversified earnings

  • We focus on assets which are resilient to inflation and market downturns. In addition to our digital infrastructure investments in the UK, Western Europe and the US, we are preparing investments in Eastern and Southern Europe infrastructure with a special emphasis on sustainability and impact.
  • By being deeply embedded in markets we know well, we can be agile, pre-empt changing trends and deploy multiple value creation levers.
  • Digital infrastructure is a new diverse asset class that has now become “mission critical”.



  • Investing in digital infrastructure provides higher returns than core infrastructure with much lower risk than traditional PE or VC funds.
  • Suitable for infrastructure investors looking to move up the risk/return curve while still remaining in the broader infrastructure asset class.
  • We are operationally geared and can take on new business without material increases in overheads.


Investment Theme/Strength

  • We invest in a broad group of digital infrastructure assets, focusing on long economic life and long-term cash flow visibility.
  • We invest in assets enabling the digital revolution, from FTTP, 5G, telecommunications towers to fibre-optic cable and green data centres, and smart city projects all of which work to make all-digital networks for the new generation possible.
  • We also invest in EV technology and charging infrastructure and support the transition to cleaner more sustainable mobility.


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