Purpose Driven Investing

Environmental, social, and governance criteria are at the centre of our investment strategy. Our steadfast commitment to being a sustainable and responsible investor revolves around the appropriate deployment of capital and active engagement with investee companies. We believe that well-managed, ethical companies provide the best opportunities for our investors.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our business. Our aim is to base our business and investment decisions on long-term goals by aligning our investment approach to global sustainability initiatives.


Responsible Investing

An ESG framework is embedded within our investment decision making. This is used to mitigate risks associated to investment performance, to minimise environmental and/or societal costs and to identify company improvements with the objective of delivering sustainable financial returns over the long term.


Impact Goals for the Company

Axxeltrova Fund’s impact objectives are tailored to the digital infrastructure sector and include the following:

  • Closing the digital divide: the internet is the lifeblood of the future. We are leading the way in democratising access to critical digital infrastructure and to better connecting underserved businesses and households to the digital economy, thereby supporting opportunity and economic activity.
  • Carbon Footprint reduction: The digital economy leaves a significant carbon footprint which can be addressed through better-designed, more efficient data centres, the integration of clean, renewable electricity sources into the energy mix as well as enhanced communications that diminish the need for unnecessary travel and shrink pollution-causing congestion
  • Climate change mitigation: Encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies and Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility

To accelerate progress, we are liaising with global stakeholders on the urgent request to identify cleaner solutions for one of the world’s most energy intensive industries. Our team’s core value is to empower societies and their people by connecting investors to ground-breaking opportunities that deliver positive social and environmental impact alongside a targeted financial return.

Digital Infrastructure sector is a vital part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and can be mapped against many of the UN SDGs, Axxeltrova Fund has decided to prioritize the following:

  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate action