January 2016

POA Internet – Series A funding for wireless infrastructure ISP

Series A funding for wireless infrastructure ISP

Fast, affordable, unlimited internet For Kenya

poa! provides low cost internet to individuals and small businesses in low-income neighborhoods in East Africa. poa!offers customers access to affordable and reliable data that is 40% cheaper than network operators, free content and free online services and tools.

poa! services are delivered through a Wi-Fi network that blankets an entire neighborhood, enabling access to the internet on any Wi-Fi enabled device at any time. Unlike competitors, poa! offers transparent pricing, data bundles that are not time-limited and free content and online services such as job boards and marketplaces.

Axxeltrova was engaged to lead the Series A fund raise. As part of the process, all investment material was prepared including a detailed Information Memorandum. The Axxeltrova process led to a successful Series A of USD 3.5M from a Kenyan VC and a US PE fund.