We have extensive experience in managing complex and innovative capital raising projects for a variety of international and regional companies to fulfil their funding needs. The Axxeltrova team has been managing complex financial transactions that maximize value for our customers while earning their trust and building long-term relationships with a variety of funders. We have built up relationships with hundreds of VC/PE funds, DFIs, HNWs and family offices, pension funds, endowments and much more which contributes to our high success rate. However, our commitment to remaining independent from any affiliated investors ensures that we deliver unbiased guidance. It also promotes maximum competition among investors, helping to fully leverage value for our clients and maximize the value of their business. Securing capital is a very complex process and structuring a favourable deal requires extensive knowledge of debt and equity capital markets as well as alternative sources of capital. Our team uses their extensive analytical skills to compare competing offers, and use their transaction expertise and knowledge to maximize value. We help our customers develop financing alternatives, identify prospective debt and equity capital at the lowest possible cost and ultimately help our clients achieve an optimal capital structure.