Bluwan is a spin out from the French multinational, Thales. Bluwan makes carrier grade multi gigabit wireless transmission technology at 12GHz and 42GHz for wireless MNO backhaul and small cells.

The client’s main operating band for its wireless equipment is at the 42GHz. This band is not consistently released for commercial use by regulators across the world. Bluwan were seeking ways in which it could convince regulators to release the 42GHz in the company’s target countries.

Axxeltrova held various workshops with the client to fully understand the objectives of the company. Trova’s intitial hypothesis put forward to the client was that quantitative arguments could help Bluwan convince regulators of the economic value of the 42GHz band. Trova’s solution consisted of a paper and supporting model. The paper combined regulatory arguments with a Consumer Surplus study which provided hard numbers to help Bluwan convince regulators across the globe to liberalise the 42 GHz band.